Tuesday, August 03, 2010

What automated deployment/config mgmt tools do you use?

I posted this question yesterday as a quick tweet. I got a bunch of answers already that I'll include here, but feel free to add your answers as comments to this post too. Or reply to @griggheo on Twitter.

I started by saying I have 2 favorite tools: Fabric for pushing app state (pure Python) and Chef for pulling/bootstraping OS/package state (pure Ruby). For more discussions on push vs. pull deployment tools, see this post of mine.

Here are the replies I got on Twitter so far:

@keyist : Fabric and Chef for me as well. use Fabric to automate uploading cookbooks+json and run chef-solo on server

@vvuksan : mcollective for control, puppet for config mgmt/OS config. Some reasons why outlined here http://j.mp/cAKarI

@RackerHacker : There is another solution besides ssh and for loops? :-P

@chris_mahan : libcloud, to pop debian stable on cloud instance, fabric to set root passwd, install python2.6.5, apt-get nginx php django fapws.

@alfredodeza : I'm biased since I wrote it, but I use Pacha: http://code.google.com/p/pacha

@tcdavis : Fabric for remote calls; distribute/pip for python packaging and deps; Makefile to eliminate any repetition.

@competentgirl : Puppet for its expandability and integration w/ other tools (ie svn)

@yashh : Fabric. bundle assets, push to bunch of servers and restart in a shot.. love it

@bitprophet : I'm biased but I use Fab scripts for everything. Was turned off by daemons/declarative/etc aspects of Chef/Puppet style systems.

@kumar303 : @bitprophet we use Cap only because we do 2-way communication with remote SSH procs. Been meaning to look at patching Fab for this

Update with more Twitter replies:

@lt_kije : cfengine on work cluster (HPC/HTC), radmind on personal systems (OpenBSD)

@zenmatt : check out devstructure, built on puppet, more natural workflow for configuring servers.

@almadcz : paver for building, fabric or debian repo for deployment, buildbot for forgetting about it.

@geo_kollias: I use fabric for everything as @bitprophet, but i am thinking about making use of @hpk42 's execnet soon.


Brian Luft said...

Has anyone else had a chance to test-drive DevStructure? From what I've seen so far it looks promising. The founders are no slouches either.

Perguntador said...

Does any one know of a Oracle pl/sql automated deployment tool?

empt1e said...

We use Chef at work and just create custom images which start chef-client from rc script. That allows not to bother with ssh connections at all.

When it's necessary to upload some files or run some additional commands I use either paramiko or deployment feature of libcloud.

XebiaLabs said...

@Etraq – If you’re looking for an automated deployment tool for an Oracle environment, XebiaLab’s Deployit can be used for deploying Java applications to Oracle WebLogic. It can also be used on IBM WebSphere and JBoss environments. I hope that answers your question!

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