Saturday, September 13, 2008

Know of any Open Source projects that need maintainers?

I got an email on a testing-related mailing list from somebody who would like to take over an Open Source project with no current maintainer. Here's a fragment of that email:

As I am interested in brushing up on my coding skills, so I would
appreciate your help in identifying an existing orphan/dormant
open-source tool/toolset project who needs an owner/maintainer.

I am especially interested in software process-oriented tools that
fill a hole in an agile development/test/management tool stack."

If anybody knows of such projects, especially with a testing or agile bent, please leave a comment here. Thanks!


philhassey said...

Dunno if this fits the bill, but I put pgu up for grabs a few months ago. No takers yet :(

It's a swell gui for pygame, which includes some tilemap goodies too!

Anonymous said...

This is not a pure open source project, because we plan a commercial part in it, but the topic may be interesting for you. This is a web learning platform, focused on effective learning using spaced repetition technique. Technologies: Python/Pylons/SQLAlchemy + Ext JS. TDD and Agile techniques. We need a skilled developer who have some time to invest.

Anonymous said...

Since the the subject is that of a maintainer for an existing project. I would suggest that some of the python code metrics efforts could use a little love. PyMetrics ( is an obvious canidate. Little maintenance has been done recently as far as I can tell. With the transition to python 3.0 coming up an overall update to the metrics programs would be nice.

Chris Perkins said...

I know that sqlalchemy-migrate could use a maintainer. Right now it only supports sa 0.4.5 and I'd like to see it brought up to 0.5 support. Contact me directly and I will do what I can to help steer your volunteer in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

There's an actual website for unmaintained free software projects:

Anonymous said...

Friends from a company I'm working in, creators of Mockito, a mocking library for Java, have started development of Python version of this library but don't have time to continue and are looking for help:

Another interesting project could be WebDriver, probably the code base for Selenium 2.0. There are Python bindings on the TODO list,
but I seems that nobody is working on them.

Anonymous said... needs a maintainer.

It is a 8085 simulator written in C .. and uses GTK+. Works on Linux and Windows.


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