Sunday, March 23, 2008

PyCon08 gets great coverage

Reports on the death of the PyCon conference as a community experience have been greatly exaggerated. I personally have never seen any PyCon edition as well covered in the blogs aggregated in Planet Python as the 2008 PyCon. If you don't believe me, maybe you'll believe Google Blog Search. I think the Python community is alive and well, and ready to rock at PyCon conferences for the foreseeable future. I'm looking forward to PyCon09 in Chicago, and then probably in San Francisco for 2010/11.


Jack Diederich said...

I didn't attend the PyCon2010 (btw, doesn't that number seem sci-fi, even in 2008?). On the wiki I noticed the stubs for the BayPiggie and Cleveland PIG groups. Were there any others?

Grig Gheorghiu said...

Hi, Jack

I'm not in the loop in terms of which user groups are bidding for 2010. But my gut feeling is that the Bay Piggies will get it, based on the fact that Google is throwing their weight behind their proposal.


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