Saturday, February 09, 2008

Dilbert should get a life

I'm subscribed to the RSS feed for the daily Dilbert comic. I'm still enjoying it, but lately I've started to think -- why on Earth doesn't Dilbert just quit? Why do all the characters in that comic need to be so passive-aggressive about everything? Yes, I know it wouldn't be Dilbert without it, and Scott Adams wouldn't put so much bacon on the table either. But I can't help thinking that there's a big lie in it too, as if there's no escape from that shitty workplace. Dilbert dude, just don't go back there tomorrow! Let's see how your life turns around.

Update 2/12/08

Thanks to all who commented on my post. Many people seem to think, as I do, that Scott Adams is hypocritical and profits quite handsomely from the corporate culture he apparently despises. I also decided in the mean time to walk the walk, not only talk the talk, so I unsubscribed from the RSS feed.


P1 said...

yeah .. I agree..
probably , he is afraid of the other side . 'Devil known is better than the devil unknown'

Anonymous said...

You might want to check out The Trouble With Dilbert.

SDC said...

Everybody identifies with Dilbert, but, as you kind of suggest, people who stay in crappy jobs without ever trying to improve their situation have far more in common with Wally.

Carl Trachte said...

Dilbert's problem is that all of those jobs on Monster and Dice are jobs other Dilberts left because they are the same as Dilbert's job.
Python, Agile Testing, dynamic languages, small software shops - that's not the norm. Not all big companies are bad (and the security and benefits are sometimes good), but for a lot of people, work's a grind.

Reinis I. said...

it's been know that adams is a fool for a while, so I wouldn't count on dilbert getting better. sorry if this seems like flamebait.

manuel moe g said...

I was a huge Peanuts fan as a child.

It is a ridiculous criticism, but now I wish the strip had Charlie Brown strive to be more capable. So the children reading the strip could have that life lesson.

It is a ridiculous criticism, because it would make a funny comic strip less funny. But I honestly feel that way now.

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