Friday, July 27, 2007

Pybots updates

After a long hibernation period, the Pybots project shows some signs of life -- I should probably say mixed with signs of death. Elliot Murphy from Canonical added the Storm ORM project to his AMD64 Ubuntu Gutsy buildslave, while Manuzhai and Jeff McNeil had to drop their buildslaves out of the mix, hopefully only temporarily. In Manuzhai's case though, the project he was testing -- Trac -- proved to have maintainers that were not interested in fixing their failing tests. In this case, there is no point in testing that project in Pybots. Hopefully Manuzhai will find a different, more test-infected project to run in Pybots.

Speaking of test-infected projects, it was nice to see unit testing topping the list of topics in the Django tutorial given at OSCON by Jeremy Dunck, Jacob Kaplan-Moss and Simon Willison. In fact, Titus is quoted too on this slide, which seems to be destined to be a classic (and I'm proud he uttered those words during the Testing Tools Panel that I moderated at PyCon07). Way to go, Titus, but I'd really like to see some T-shirts sporting that quote :-)

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