Monday, January 08, 2007

Testing tutorial at PyCon07

Titus and I will present a tutorial on "Testing Tools in Python" at PyCon07. It is scheduled for the afternoon session on Thursday Feb.22. It will be an improved version of our "Agile Development and Testing in Python" tutorial from last year.

Here is the tutorial outline (courtesy of Titus). If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.

* Why test?
* What to test?
* Using testing to boost maintainability of code.

Setting up a project
* Source control management with Subversion.
* A brief introduction to using Trac for project
documentation and ticket management.
* Packaging with distutils
* Packaging with setuptools
* Registering your project with the Python Cheeseshop
* What else is out there? (distributed vs svn, roundup, ...)

Unit testing
* How to think about unit testing
* Using nose to run unit tests
* doctest-style unit tests
* What else is out there? (unittest, py.test, testosterone...)

Functional Web testing with twill
* Writing twill scripts
* Running twill scripts
* Using scotch to record actions
* Using wsgi_intercept to avoid network sockets
* What else is out there? (zope.testbrowser, mechanize, mechanoid)

Using code coverage in conjunction with unit/functional testing
* Basic code coverage with figleaf
* Monitoring code coverage in remote servers
* Combining figleaf code coverage analyses
* What else is out there (coverage)

** BREAK **

Acceptance testing with FitNesse/PyFit
* How FitNesse works
* Writing fixtures
* Running Python fixtures

Web application testing with Selenium
* How Selenium works
* Writing and recording Selenium tests
* Scripting Selenium tests remotely with SeleniumRC
* What else is out there? (Sahi, Watir)

Continuous integration with buildbot
* Introduction to buildbot
* Discussion of concepts, demonstration.
* Integrating tests into buildbot.
* GUI testing in buildbot.
* Using pybots to test your open source project

* Why test, revisited
* Maintainability and testing


ajaksu said...

I suggest you write a book on that, I'd buy a couple myself!

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. I'm a beginner in python but have been successful in implementing automated some of the Java/Swing GUI application using a automation framework called marathon ( ) This application used Jython as its scripting language. We have even used to do some of the low-tech performance/benchmarking tests using this tool. I'm really facinated by the power of python. Certainly an interesting topic for the tutorial.
Rajesh. ( )

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