Thursday, October 26, 2006

Proposal for Testing Tools Panel at PyCon07

Following Titus's example with his Web Frameworks Panel proposal for PyCon07, I proposed a Testing Tools Panel. And yes, I expect the author of twill to participate and take questions :-)

I created a TestingToolsPanel page on the PyCon07 wiki. Please feel free to add your own testing-related topics of interest and/or questions for the authors. If you are a testing tool author, please consider participating in the panel. You can leave a comment here or send me an email (grig at and let me know if you're interested in participating.

Here's what I have so far on the Wiki page:

I maintain a "Python Testing Tools Taxonomy" (PTTT) Wiki page.

Here are some of the tools listed on the PTTT page:
  • unit testing tools (unittest/doctest/py.test/nose/Testoob/testosterone)
  • mock/stub testing tools (python-mock/pmock/stubble)
  • Web testing tools (twill/webunit/zope.testbrowser/Pamie/paste.test.fixture)
  • acceptance testing tools (PyFit/texttest/FitLoader)
  • GUI testing tools (pywinauto/WATSUP/winGuiAuto/guitest)
  • source code checking tools (pylint/pychecker/pyflakes)
  • code coverage tools (coverage/figleaf/Pester)
  • other miscellaneous testing tools (pysizer/pymetrics/svnmock/testtools)

I propose to have a panel where authors of some of these tools would discuss and take questions on topics such as:
  • what need prompted the creation of the testing tool
  • what type of testing does the tool belong to (unit, functional, acceptance, system, performance)
  • what specific features does the tool offer that other tools lack
  • what are the most common testing scenarios you have seen in your user base
  • are there any platform- or OS-specific gotchas related to the tool
  • how extensible is the tool (plugins etc.)
  • how easy to learn is the tool
  • how well tested is the tool
  • how well documented is the tool


Anonymous said...

Just a reminder that these 'proposals' need to make it into the proposal system by the Oct 31st deadline.

Panelists can be added to the proposal post deadline.

Grig Gheorghiu said...

Doug, I added this panel idea as a talk proposal yesterday -- it's #21.



Anonymous said...

I just noticed that!
I was comming back to make my appologies.

I guess I am getting over zealous in my drum beating up to the deadline ^_^

(also excuse my spelling)

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