Thursday, August 17, 2006

QA blog at W3C

Karl Dubost sent me a message about some issues he had with running Cheescake on a Mac OS X machine. It turned out he was using an ancient version of Cheesecake, although he ran "easy_install Cheesecake". I told him to upgrade to the latest version via "easy_install Cheesecake==0.6" and his problems dissapeared.

Anyway, this is not what I was trying to blog about. Reading his email signature, I noticed he works as a Conformance Manager at W3C. Karl also mentions a QA blog at W3C in his signature. Very interesting blog, from the little I've seen so far. For example, from the "Meet the Unicorn" post, I found out about a W3C project (code-name Unicorn) which aims to be THE one tool to use when you want to check the quality -- i.e. the W3C conformance I suspect -- of web pages. This tool would "gather observations made on a single document by various validators and quality checkers, and summarize all of that neatly for the user." BTW, here is a list of validators and other test tools that you can currently use to check the conformance of your web pages.

Added the blog to my fluctuating collection of Bloglines feeds...Thanks, Karl!

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Qastreet said...

Hi Grig
It is very useful to read your blogs on QA. I would like to ask you to write on to help lot of freashers and confused fellow in QA field.

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