Thursday, December 22, 2005

New home for Cheesecake and Sparkplot

As Titus mentioned in a recent post, I've been moving two of my projects over to a Linux VPS server from JohnCompanies. The two projects are Cheesecake and Sparkplot. They each have their own domain name ( and and they are each running on their own Trac instance. Thanks to Titus for setting up a huge amount of packages and server processes in an amazingly short amount of time (and I'm talking HUGE amount: Apache 2, Subversion, Darcs, tailor, Trac with WSGI, SCGI, and the list goes on.)

I also want to thank Micah Elliott for providing a temporary home for Cheesecake at TracOS. I prefer to have my projects on a server that's co-located though, and I also want more control over the environment (I have a sudo-level account on the new VPS server).

Update 12/23/05: Thanks to Ian Bicking's suggestion, I reorganized the project under Subversion so that it now includes trunk, branches and tags directories.

You can check out the main trunk of the Cheesecake project via subversion by doing
svn co cheesecake
(Note: make sure you indicate the target directory when you do the svn checkout, otherwise the package files will be checked out directly in your current directory.)

See the main Wiki page for usage examples and other information.

I'll provide a Python Egg for Cheesecake in the near future, as soon as I'll finish smoothing some rough edges.

Also, please update your bookmarks (I'm optimistic I guess in thinking people actually have bookmarks for these things) for the Python Testing Tools Taxonomy page and for the Cheesecake Index Measurement Ideas page.


Ian Bicking said...

No trunk/branches/tags directories in the repository...?

Grig Gheorghiu said...


You're right, the current structure of the repositories is not ideal. You can see how it's a one man show with no thought put into team work, branches etc. I'd be more than happy to face the problem of having too many developers clamoring to work on my projects :-)

I promise to remedy the situation though by creating the proper structure. Thanks for bringing it up.

Anonymous said...

40 people on had the old URL of PythonTestingTools bookmarked.

Mark said...

Can I recommend a link to Buildbot ( in your Python testing tool taxonomy. All the tests in the world are useless unless they are run regularly and often.
CruiseControl might be usesful as well, although it is really more Java centered.

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