Dell to offer pre-installed Linux on desktops

I knew about the Dell survey which asked people whether they'd like to see Linux pre-installed on Dell desktops and laptops. Looks like more than 70% of the respondents said yes (see this BBC story) -- so Dell is going for it. Now the question is which flavor(s) of Linux will be offered. From what I remember, the survey mentioned Fedora Core, Ubuntu and OpenSuse. Regardless, this is a pretty big win for Linux.


Andy Dustman said…
A shame if they are limiting it to only desktops. My D600 laptop (now a couple years old) runs Ubuntu just fine. The D620 I tested, however, had a lot of problems with Ubuntu Edgy, due mostly to the video chipset (bastardized Intel). Maybe Feisty will do better. (I also passed on the D620 because it had a worse screen: 1440x900 vs 1400x1050.)

Fortunately you can already order Dell servers with Linux (Red Hat) or no OS.
Grig Gheorghiu said…
Andy -- from what the article says, it's desktops *and* laptops. They do say it will be installed on 'select models', so I don't know what that will mean.


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