CheeseRater - voting in the CheeseShop

Found via Joe Gregorio's blog: CheeseRater, a slick-looking Django app that lets you vote on CheeseShop packages. Interesting idea. Since tagging/redditing/social networking/web2.0ing/etc. are all the rage these days, this might prove more popular than the automatic scoring that MichaƂ is doing with the Cheesecake Service. Maybe we can combine the two....that would be interesting.


Terry Peppers said…
This was the application that Jacob Kaplan-Moss used as reference @ the PyCon Beginning and Advanced Django sessions (I think - I was only @ the Beginning Django session).

I came away thinking 2 things:

1. Excellent introductory application.

2. Why does Kumar's 'fixture' module break it. (search for fixture, click on the fixture hyperlink and bang!)
Grig Gheorghiu said…
Hi, Terry -- thanks for your comment. You're right, fixture breaks it, but so does 'testtools' which also comes up when you search for fixture. And if you search for cheesecake, nothing comes back. Could it be that ... gasp ... the cheeserater app has not been properly tested???? :-)
Ian Bicking said…
Personally I find the app a bit boring with just +/- scores. Comments would be far more interesting.
Grig Gheorghiu said…
Ian -- you're right -- the more I use the app, the less fired up I am :-) Plus, as I was saying in the comment to Terry, it doesn't really work.

Anonymous said…
I agree about the +/- only bit, it's way too reductive. If the site had comments it could be pretty useful, though. Compare with ...

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