Saturday, February 17, 2007


Via Grady Booch's blog, a site which looks very promising: Wikipatterns. It identifies patterns and anti-patterns for wiki adoption. Here's an excerpt:

"Any grassroots, or bottom-up, strategy is the best place to start since the success of a wiki depends on building active, sustainable participation and this only happens when people see that the software is simple enough to immediately be useful, and meets their needs without requiring them to spend lots of extra time.

A good first step is to identify a group or department who would likely benefit the most from using a wiki, and whose people are open to trying new tools. If you're looking to expand wiki use in another group, look for the thought leader in the group - someone who is very forward thinking, respected by peers, and willing to Champion a new idea and get others around them involved."

Seems like a very good complement to a book I read recently: "Fearless Change: Patterns for Introducing New Ideas" by Mary Lynn Manns and Linda Rising.


Stewart Mader said...

Thanks very much for linking to! I appreciate that you’re helping to spread the word!
Stewart Mader
Wiki Evangelist, Atlassian

Grig Gheorghiu said...

Thanks, Stewart.

Name is Gheorghiu --- Grig Gheorghiu.


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