Friday, February 09, 2007

Cheesecake Service launched

The Cheesecake Service is a result of Michał Kwiatkowski's hard work during the Google Summer of Code 2006. The Web interface for the service is based on and it has been up and running since last August, but we're making it public now, to coincide with the release of Cheesecake 0.6.1.

The back-end of the Cheesecake Service talks directly to the PyPI repository using the PyPI API in order to find out about packages newly posted to PyPI. Then the service uses Cheesecake and tries to download, install, and score the package. If your package is not there, it might mean you haven't released a new version after August 10, 2006, date from which we started to score packages. Let us know and we can manually score it so that it appears in the list.

Michał just posted a blog entry on Cheesecake and its Service, so please read it and let us know how we can improve on the various things he describes. We are aware that scoring packages is controversial, and we've been called names before because of it, but as Michał also says, the Cheesecake score is meant to be used as a relative number by creators of Python packages who can try to improve it, and not as an absolute ranking among packages. Think of it as an Apgar score for your software.

Kudos to Michał for his continuing hard work on new Cheesecake features and improvements.

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