Pybots updates

Since my last Pybots-related blog post, a lot has happened. We added 2 buildslaves, a Sparc Solaris 10 host running the Django unit test suite (courtesy of Matthew Flanagan) and a G5 OSX host running the SQLAlchemy test suite (courtesy of Skip Montanaro). So now we have 10 buildslaves altogether. I also added more test suites to my Ubuntu Breezy buildslave. In addition to the Cheesecake test suite, I'm now running the unit test suites for the py library, nose, twill and Testoob.

Email notifications finally started to work too, after I finally figured out I was passing the wrong builder names to the MailNotification class. And we also have RSS feeds available. If you want to be notified of failures from all builders, subscribe to: or

To be notified of failures from the trunk builders, subscribe to: or

To be notified of failures from the 2.5 branch builders, subscribe to: or

Matthew Flanagan also added functionality that allows you to subscribe to a feed for a particular builder. For example, to subscribe to the feed for the "x86 Ubuntu Breezy trunk" builder, use this URL:

If you are interested in contributing a buildslave to the Pybots project, please send a message to the Pybots mailing list, or to me (grig at gheorghiu dot net), or leave a comment here.


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