Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pybots news

I'm happy to report that the Pybots project continues to gain momentum. In raw numbers, we have 8 buildslaves running the automated tests for 17 projects, and also testing the installation of 18 other packages. Pretty impressive, if I may say so myself. This table is copied from the main page and shows the current setup:

Builder name Project(s) tested Pre-requisites installed Owner
x86 Red Hat 9 Twisted setuptools, zope.interface, pycrypto, pyOpenSSL Grig Gheorghiu
x86 Debian Unstable docutils, roundup N/A Seo Sanghyeon
x86 Ubuntu Dapper parsedatetime setuptools Mike Taylor (Bear)
x86 OSX vobject, zanshin setuptools, zope.interface, Twisted Mike Taylor (Bear)
x86 Gentoo pysqlite, Genshi, Trac, feedvalidator clearsilver, pysqlite Manuzhai
amd64 Ubuntu Dapper MySQLdb, CherryPy N/A Elliot Murphy
x86 Windows 2003 lxml (dev, stable) Bazaar (dev, stable) libxml2, libxslt, zlib, iconv Sidnei da Silva
x86 Ubuntu Breezy Cheesecake setuptools, nose, logilab-astng, pylint Grig Gheorghiu

Some more projects and buildslaves are in the pipeline, so I hope to be able to announce them soon. I'd like to thank all the contributors so far, in chronological order of their contributions: Seo Sanghyeon, Mike Taylor (Bear), Manuzhai, Elliot Murphy and Sidnei da Silva.

People interested in this project -- whether they'd like their project to be tested on an existing buildslave, or they'd like to contribute a buildslave -- are encouraged to peruse the documentation on the Pybots page, then send a message to the Pybots mailing list.

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