"Agile Development and Testing" Wiki and notes

For those interested, you can now peruse the Trac-based Wiki that Titus and I used to collaborate on MailOnnaStick, the application we developed and tested for our PyCon tutorial.
The main wiki page contains links to the slides and the handout notes we had for the tutorial, but I'll link here too:


jhp said…
Thanks for the kind words about nose. One minor correction -- it's not based on py.test so much as inspired by py.test. "py.test with less magic," you might call it. Or "layering a py.test like interface on top of unittest.py."

On the subject of caveats -- Titus and I have emailed a bit about the horror of path handling. If you have some ideas or suggestions on that, or on the equally-horrible horror of output capture, I'd be very interested to hear them.

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