Slides for 'Creating RESTful Web Services with restish'

For those who are interested, the slides for my PyCon 2010 talk 'Creating RESTful Web Services with restish' are online. Leave comments please if you attended the talk and want to start discussions on some of the topics I mentioned.

Update 02/25/10: the video is up too


Your talk was great Grig! I will have to think about some of the stuff and hit you up later.
Doug Carter said…
Great presentation on REST! I learned a lot. Is the source to the example app (todoish) online somewhere?
Grig Gheorghiu said…
Doug -- thanks, great to hear you found my presentation useful! You're right, I should post the code somewhere. I'll put it on bitbucket probably next week and I'll leave a comment here.
Grig Gheorghiu said…
Doug -- I put the current todoish source code on bitbucket:

I hope I'll have some time to add more stuff to it...but it should be fairly useful as is.
Doug Carter said…
Awesome Grig! Thanks a lot!
webservices said…
aah, its the same presentation which I did see sometime back on slideshare.. it is a pretty informative presentation, Grig. - D'Souza

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