Thursday, April 16, 2009

Check out OpenX Market

Techcrunch has an article today about our OpenX Market offering. Check it out if you're a publisher trying to make more money out of the ads you have on your Web site. Also lots of other news items about OpenX today...


Phil Stevens said...

Your blog is excellent - among the most technical and helpful that I have seen.

Would you be open to providing some of your existing content or perhaps original material to be published in the online magazine, TechnologyProfessional.Org?

I would appreciate your comments.

Phil Stevens

Pony said...

dear blogger,

as you are using blogspot i would like to know does google punished people who use open x or any other type of advertising besides ad sense.

i have a blog on blogspot but with registrated domain, so i was wondering.

do you think its maybe better to do a web page and host it somewhere?

thank you for your answer.

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