This is depressing: Ken Thompson is also a googler

Just found out that Ken Thompson, one of the creators of Unix, works at Google. You can see his answers to various questions addressed to Google engineers by following the link with his name on this page.

So let's see, Google has hired:

* Ken Thompson == Unix
* Vint Cerf == TCP/IP
* Andrew Morton == #2 in Linux
* Guido van Rossum == Python
* Ben Collins-Sussman and Brian Fitzpatrick == subversion
* Bram Moolenaar == vim

...and I'm sure there are countless others that I missed.

If this isn't a march towards world domination, I don't know what is :-)


wendy said…
Brian Kernighan, the "k" of awk (fantastic testing tool!), often works from google's NYC office. He was an "intern" there for a while.
rezzrovv said…
You are tongue and cheek but I'm not. I don't believe any organization, whether it be public or private, should have such concentrated influence. Unfortunately, "don't be evil" isn't really an option considering the mixed bag that is human nature.
Grig Gheorghiu said…
Fredrik -- yes it's depressing, see rezzrovv's comment above too.
Anonymous said…
Andy Herzfeld -- Mac UI
Eric Schmit -- Lex

And they rejected Alan Kay (Smalltalk)

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