"Unmaintained Free Software" wiki

Thanks to Heikki Toivonen, who left a comment to my previous post and pointed me to this Unmaintained Free Software wiki. Python-related projects on that site are here. Hmmm...RPM is an unmaintained Python project? Don't think so. That site could use some love...maybe it is itself in need of a maintainer? This seems like a good Google App Engine project -- to put together a similar site with a database back-end, showing unmaintained Open Source projects....


Evgeny said…
1. it seems a bad project to create a new wiki that duplicates an existing one.
2. rpm really is unmaintained, it has a long history of abandonment.
Grig Gheorghiu said…
Hi, Evgeny

Are you the maintainer of the 'Unmaintained Free Software' wiki? I apologize if I hurt your feelings with my comments :-) I had no idea that the RPM project didn't have a maintainer, I thought Red Hat was all over it.

In any case, the GAE app I was talking about was just an idea, and it wouldn't be a wiki.

I'm sure nobody wants to duplicate solid existing functionality, so if it turns out that the current wiki is actively maintained, you're right, it would be a waste of time to try to do it again from scratch.

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