Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Testing Tutorial accepted at PyCon08

"Practical Applications of Agile (Web) Testing Tools", the tutorial that Titus and I proposed to the PyCon08 organizers, has been accepted -- cool! Should be a lot of fun. The list of accepted tutorials looks really good.

Here's the summary of our tutorial

Practical Applications of Agile (Web) Testing Tools

Have Web site? Need testing? Bring your tired (code), huddled (unit
tests), and cranky AJAX to us; we'll help you come up with tactics,
techniques, and infrastructure to help solve your problems. This
includes integration with a unit test runner (nose); use of coverage
analysis (figleaf); straight HTTP driver Web testing (twill); Web
recording, examination, and playback (scotch); Selenium and Selenium
RC test script development; and continuous integration (buildbot).
We will focus on techniques for automating your Web testing for quick
turnaround, i.e. "agile" test automation.
If you have an application that needs automated tests, and if you're planning to attend our tutorial, drop us a line or leave a comment here with some details about your application.


Doug Napoleone said...

We are still playing with the site a bit. The schedule listing has been moved to:

The descriptions are up, and we will have the instructor bio's and other information up sometime....

Doug Napoleone said...


Practical Applications of Agile (Web) Testing Tools

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