Thursday, August 02, 2007

That's what I call system testing

According to, the IT systems for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing will be put through rigorous testing which will take more than 1 year! The people at Atos Origin, the company in charge of setting up the IT for the 2008 Olympics, clearly know what they are doing.

It's also interesting that the article mentions insiders as a security threat -- namely, that insiders will try to print their own accreditation badges, or do it for their friends, etc. As always, the human factor is the hardest to deal with. They say they resort to extensive background checks for the 2,500 or so IT volunteers, but I somehow doubt that will be enough.


Sean said...

That seems more worrying than comforting, if they find any bugs will they have another year to test it again? Why are they not testing it now? If its because its a big bang development system that throws the finished production over the wall to QA then this may not bode well for the project.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it seems the point of the security is to enforce censorship.

Anonymous said...

I have a quick question: What's more important during Load Testing, the number of transactions loaded or the number of Transaction Types loaded? My take on this is: If Load Testing is to track the response time of the transactions, then Transaction Types would be irrelevant.


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