Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Michael Dell uses Ubuntu on his home laptop

Found this on Planet Ubuntu, which is buzzing with the news that Dell will be offering laptops preloaded with Feisty Fawn. I still use Edgy on my Inspiron 6000, but I'll probably upgrade to Feisty soon. Or maybe I'll just wait for a Gutsy Gibbon to burst on the scene :-)


cowmix said...

I have Feisty running on my Dell D610.... and its the first time ever I can say that Linux works better than XP on a laptop.. Everything worked out of the box.. suspend resume, sound, wifi, everything.. All with open drivers too..

VMWare Server seems to run a little faster too.

Steffen Oschatz said...

One recommendation for you: Don't do it! I was running Edgy without any problems (ok, not the whole true: dropping wlan connections at home), but since i updated to Feisty my Toshiba laptop hangs randomly on startup. No error message somewhere. It forces every time a hard shutdown(please ext3 - be strong!) when it hangs. Remember the only true sentence: "Never change a running system" ;-) .

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