Michael Dell uses Ubuntu on his home laptop

Found this on Planet Ubuntu, which is buzzing with the news that Dell will be offering laptops preloaded with Feisty Fawn. I still use Edgy on my Inspiron 6000, but I'll probably upgrade to Feisty soon. Or maybe I'll just wait for a Gutsy Gibbon to burst on the scene :-)


cowmix said…
I have Feisty running on my Dell D610.... and its the first time ever I can say that Linux works better than XP on a laptop.. Everything worked out of the box.. suspend resume, sound, wifi, everything.. All with open drivers too..

VMWare Server seems to run a little faster too.
Steffen Oschatz said…
One recommendation for you: Don't do it! I was running Edgy without any problems (ok, not the whole true: dropping wlan connections at home), but since i updated to Feisty my Toshiba laptop hangs randomly on startup. No error message somewhere. It forces every time a hard shutdown(please ext3 - be strong!) when it hangs. Remember the only true sentence: "Never change a running system" ;-) .

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