Friday, December 01, 2006

PyCon news

I was very glad to see that the 3 proposals I submitted to PyCon07 were accepted: a "Testing Tools in Python" tutorial presented jointly with Titus, a "Testing Tools Panel" that I will moderate, and a talk on the Pybots project. The complete list of accepted talks and panels is here.

Here are the brief description and the outline for the Testing Tools tutorial that Titus and I will present. We will cover much more than just testing tools actually -- we'll talk about test and development techniques and strategies. It should be as good or better than the one we gave last year, which attracted a lot of people.

The Testing Tools Panel has a Wiki page. If you're interested in attending, please consider adding questions or topics of interest to you. If there is enough interest, I'm thinking about also organizing a BoF session on Testing Tools and Techniques, since the panel's duration will be only 45 minutes.

Finally, my Pybots talk will consist of an overview of the Pybots project: I will talk about the setup of the Pybots buildbot farm, about the issues that the Pybots farm has helped uncover,
and also about lessons learned in building, sustaining and growing an open-source community project.

The program for PyCon07 looks very solid, with a lot of interesting talks and tutorials. I'm very much looking forward to the 4 days I'll spend in beautiful Addison, TX :-)

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