Monday, July 10, 2006


The fourth Cheesecake/SoC iteration has been completed -- code name emmental. Here are some stories that Michał implemented in this iteration:
  • Implement --static command line flag, which makes Cheesecake do only static tests, that don't execute any of package code. This is useful for example for the Cheesecake/PyPI integration, where we'll only look at 'static' indexes such as documentation and installability, as opposed to 'dynamic' indexes which involve code execution, such as unit test coverage;
    • Make execution of some parts of code depending on "static" flag.
    • Implement static "profile" - a subset of all indices that scores only statically.
    • Technical detail related to this story: a nice touch from Michał was the implementation of index dependencies via this changeset
  • Implement --lite command line flag, which makes Cheesecake ignore time-consuming tests, such as the pylint test;
  • Static unit test analysis (lots of work still to be done here);
    • Use Michael Hudson's AST-based pydoctor package
    • Compute proportion of number of code/functions and tests.

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