Recommended site: QA Podcast

I got an email from Darren Barefoot pointing me to a site he helped put together: QA Podcast. Very interesting stuff: interviews/conversations about software testing with folks who care and have something to say on this subject. I was glad to see that the podcasts published so far cover subjects such as performance testing and exploratory testing. I listened so far to a conversation on exploratory testing with James Bach and I already took away a ton of ideas I can apply in my testing activities.


Darren said…
Thanks for the plug, and I'm glad you liked the site. If you or your readers have any ideas for sessions, feel free to drop me a line or use the contact form on the site.
I think I would want to check out the site because I want to express my views as well on the testing. Thanks for the tip.
rajesh said…
Thanks for pocast info.


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