Friday, November 19, 2004

IBM's STAF/STAX test automation framework

I've been playing with IBM's open-sourced STAF/STAX test automation framework and I'm really impressed. Support is top-notch too via the project's SourceForge mailing lists. I asked 2 questions one day: both were answered in 30 minutes, and both answers solved my problems.

STAF shines when you need to distribute your tests on various platforms, run the tests, get all the results in one place together with the FAIL/PASS count for the test run. I had been trying to do this in the past with a home-grown XML-RPC agent written in Python, but it was not industrial-strength and it had very few reporting features compared to STAF.

You can run a regression/smoke test based on STAF every night, and have STAF send you an email with the test result. Perfect for continuous integration!


jyothi said...

Hi Grig,
i am using JMeter for performance testing and Microsoft Management Console for monitoring system components like server , memory, processors , net work .etc but i am not able to give the good performance results to my client , here it is very difficult to compare all the logs and give the results.
Please tell me how to use STAF for Performance testing...Am not getting how to proceed with the STAF and how to create the test plan in STAF..Please guide me how to use ...

Sargon Benjamin said...

Hey jyothi,
Check out Its a pretty solid article explaining how to integrate:
1. staf
2. jmeter
3. performance statistics gathering
4. performance statistics analysis

Anonymous said...


Fortunately I am also looking into the same link and the link you have provided just talks about how to invoke jmeter through scripts, but how to share the STAF variables to JMETER and JMETER return values to STAF for reporting ?

-Venkat :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, is this toll just to Test/Automate Web enviroments and applications? ir could be used to test application made of .Net or C++, etc. I'll appreciate your comments about because on the web it's not enough clear.


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