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Creating EC2 and Route 53 resources with Terraform

Inspired by the great series of Terraform-related posts published on the Gruntwork blog, I've been experimenting with Terraform the last couple of days. So far, I like it a lot, and I think the point that Yevgeniy Brikman makes in the first post of the series, on why they chose Terraform over other tools (which are the usual suspects Chef, Puppet, Ansible), is a very valid point: Terraform is a declarative and client-onlyorchestration tool that allows you to manage immutable infrastructure. Read that post for more details about why this is a good thing.

In this short post I'll show how I am using Terraform in its Docker image incarnation to create an AWS ELB and a Route 53 CNAME record pointing to the name of the newly-created ELB.

I created a directory called terraform and created this Dockerfile inside it:

$ cat Dockerfile
FROM hashicorp/terraform:full
COPY data /data/

My Terraform configuration files are under terraform/data locally. I have 2 files, one for variab…